Is putting makeup on a kind of pain for you? After all the effort you put into to be beautiful before stepping out of the door, just to have it melt, smudge, or wipe off later in the noon, doesn't it frustrating? As much as we love winged liner, we are not crazy about how much effort it usually requires, don't we? Shaky wrists and runny liquid formulas takes up a lot of time and energy to complete the process and that's why we love the idea of makeup stickers — eyeliner, shadow, and even lipstick that you simply peel off and place on your face.  The stick-on adhesives are super easy to apply and create an array of eye-catching looks. The best part, they would not smudge or fade!
Velvet Eyes by Dior
Even though it is only a sticker, it still can be created with style.
However, do not go overboard and use them all the time for the adhesive can cause a contact allergy. NYC-based dermatologist, Dr. Amy Wechsler said that eyelid skin is thin and therefore sensitive. Gentle peel them off to minimize tugging and redness. For extra staying power, dab a bit of lash glue onto the back of these stick-on liner strips.  

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