Varsity jackets have always been a badge of honor for men. It was a symbol of athletic prowess, the ultimate test of manliness. For now, anyone can pull of a varsity jacket! You can adapt varsity jackets to almost any style and still totally feel comfortable! The right varsity jacket will make you nostalgic for the cheerleader-slaying, team-captaining school days that you never had. It is not about the sport it is all about the energy you receive from something you wear. 
Its been getting a tad bit colder, you guys want to be able to cover up while still looking stylish. Well, varsity jackets are making a huge reappearance. 
Lady Gaga, the one-of-a-kind, rocking her own customized varsity jacket.
Ciara looking cool in a varsity jacket, shades and a pair of skinny jeans!
Elle Fanning in a red and white varsity jacket paired over a pretty white maxi dress.

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