The astronomical summer for Northern Hemisphere had just began yesterday! Start it off by wearing a hollowed out top. Whether it is hollowed out in the front, at the back, on the shoulder or for the whole piece, pair it with a floral bandeau under or with a bathing suit to show off your skin! 
Perfect for girls' day out with chunky heels.
It will definitely add some edge to any outfit.
Ashley Tisdale coated a beautiful piece of hollow-out sweater.
Gorgeous cut out tank tops by Brandy Melville USA.
Last but not least, this rib cage/spinal column crop top/dress is by Cultic Clothing. The front of this piece appears as a crop top while the back resembles rib cage and spinal column. Is this cool or not?
PS : remember not to show too much of your will never want to end up looking like a whore on the street, don't cha?

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